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Caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease or other cognitive disorder is a challenge. Abilities and behavior change. The person with memory loss is fearful; changes in thinking are frightening to them... and often to you. Relating to that person now is not intuitive; it must be learned. One must learn to speak 'Alzheimereze'.

Since January 2000 StilMee™, The leader in Alzheimer coaching has helped caregivers navigate dementia in the most peaceful manageable and supportive way possible. StilMee™ coaching is private and personal, tailored to the family's unique needs.

Sweet Grapes, Inc., the parent company of StilMee™, is building a network of coaches so no family has to go through the dementia journey alone.

Sweet Grapes, Inc. recruits qualified professionals, trains and then licenses them as StilMee™ coaches.
A StilMee™ coach is the Alzheimer caregiver's trusted advisor and supporter.

Educational and Personalized Coaching for Family Caregivers

Do you have a professional background in nursing, social work or caregiving? Do you believe that helping those with memory loss and their families is your true calling?



"My coach was extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with. We gained so much valuable information."
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