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Saturday, May 04, 2013
I was invited to give a talk for an hour at a health fair. I decided on the title The Caregiving Journey and intended to make it general to any caregiver. Asking each attendee to tell why they came, each stated "to hear more about Alzheimer's". So, I threw away my notes and launched into a discussion of each person's challenges in care. It turned out a fun evening ending in the knowledge that to be an Alzheimer caregiver one must have hope and humor. We laughed together at some of the insane things we tried, the crazy way we felt and acted, and commiserated about some of the sadder things of this journey of the mystical and the mundane. I for one feel I'll never know enough about Alzheimer's disease or its care. Each family I meet teaches me more than I knew before. Thank you to you each who meet with me and allow us to teach each other. It has been said when you meet one person with Alzheimer's you've simply met on person with Alzheimer's. No two people respond in the same way. I could say the very same thing about their caregivers.
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"It made me more aware of the impact I can have through proper communication."

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