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Resources To Remember
Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Often families know little to nothing of the resources in their area (and beyond) when a family member is ill or develops a condition requiring specialized treatment. Alzheimer's is such a condition. The family must plan for the present needs and the future ones as the disease progresses. Resources like day programs that help a person with dementia stay at home longer, homecare companies that provide in home companionship, personal care and some therapies such as PT, OT, and speech therapies, and assisted living residences that can provide the family with peace of mind during times when the family is not available to provide their usual caregiving.

I belong to a group called Resources To Remember. We are a group of professionals whose services can make caring easier. We are planning a Saturday morning panel discussion at Grove Manor on Grove Street in Braintree on January 25th. Two 'cases' will be presented with resources locally that alleviate the burden of care. I hope if you live in the South Shore area of Massachusetts you'll come and hear this valuable information. There will be information on legal matters, care management, homecare options, alternative living options, transportation, movers, adaptive home renovation, real estate considerations, reverse mortgages, adult day programs and pharmacy products and services. 

Massachusetts has some unique state funded programs for elders and their caregivers. Dementia coaching is one such service provided to lower income families. It is rewarding to see the difference education makes for families in learning how to respond in a positive way to changes in behavior in dementia.  

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"My coach was extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with. We gained so much valuable information."

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