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Tuesday, April 09, 2013
With the increase in referrals for Alzheimer coaching, I've resumed being a coach myself instead of doing just the administrative 'stuff' (ah, so boring!). I had forgotten the effort and compassion caregivers have for those they wish to stay in relationship with. They are hungry for information and understanding. It is a pleasure to be 'back in the saddle' again.
I find the challenge that hurts the most is the lack of conversation with the family member with dementia. People with dementia find it hard to stay in conversation because of slow processing of information. So, they either withdraw from conversing regularly or get lost in conversation, respond seemingly inappropriately, and frustrate the family. When the family learns to slow down, speak clearer and simpler, and wait for answers, things improve. It takes patient work but it is worth it.
I am also gathering stories of these heroes to begin a third book. I do believe learning through stories of others who have been down a similar road is the best form of learning.
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"It was wonderful to speak to someone so knowledgeable about Alzheimer’s."

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