There is always good news at StilMee...
Our newest StilMee Coach Marguerite Warncke has partnered with a second new StilMee Coach Deborah Elsenhaut, both from New York's Bronx area. Both have worked extensively with cognitively impaired persons and personal experience with dementia. Look on our Need a coach page and learn more about them. They are available in the New York Bronx/Long Island area for home visits and anywhere for telephone coaching
I am so happy they've joined us so enthusiastically. I am determined our service will continue as our legacy.
StilMee coaches
facilitate three monthly support groups.
                        Call 617-233-1145 for the information.
Carney Hospital, Dorchester, the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm with Beverly Moore
 Sunrise of Norwood the 2nd Saturday @ 10:00 am with Kathleen Cahill

Willow Crossing, Mansfield the 3rd Saturday @ 10 am. with Beverly Moore 

Do you want a support group in your residence? Call us.
Our coaches are the experts in the challenges of dementia caregiving.
"Support groups double the joy, make lots of room for laughter, and halve the sorrows."

Sherrie Whittemore, LICSW is our coach in the Metrowest area. She is completing a series of 6 hour trainings for professionals in that area. The trainings were funded by the Executive Office of elder Affairs with a grant targeted for dementia awareness. We are pleased to have been part of this endeavor.

StilMee offers Free 2 hour forums helping caregivers learn types of dementia, how they affect function, and how to respond to the changes in the most effective respectful way possible. There is always ample time for questions.
Call Beverly @ 617-233-1145 for information about attending.
Free hosting to non-profits and places of worship.

Radio Interviews with Beverly Moore

S. Shore Senior News Radio Interview "Dealing with Loss," December 18, 2010 [MP3, 1.4 MBs]
S. Shore Senior News Radio Interview "Making the Holidays Better," November 2010 [MP3,1.4   MBs]
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S. Shore Senior News Radio Interview "The Meaning of Behavior", July 2010 [MP3, 1 MBs]   
S. Shore Senior News Radio Interview [MP3, 3.6 MBs]


" My coach was extraordinarily helpful and knowledgeable. She helped us find an appropriate place for my father after my mother died unexpectedly."

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